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all that glitters

isn't gold. sometimes it's silver.

We Have Rainbows- THE Glitter RP
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A community devoted to the Glitter Gleeks
This community is based on the Glee RP found on Twitter (Thus, the_glitter).

A Brief History
The following scene is a dramatization
Someone: ZOMG we should totes have a Glee RP on Twitter.
Everyone: YEAH! : D

The Cast

Artie Abrams
Rachel Berry
Mike Chang
Tina Cohen-Chang
Shelby Corcoran
Sam Evans
Quinn Fabray
Principle Figgins
Kendra Giardi
Carl Howell
Finn Hudson
Kurt Hummel
Mercedes Jones
Santana Lopez
Emma Pillsbury
Noah Puckerman
April Rhodes
Terri Schuester
Will Schuester
Jesse St. James

The genera idea is to promote this particular #Glitterverse. (Shameless pimping). Also, to get some awesome Glitter fics as well as a place to find "And That's What You Missed On Glee"